What is Bacterial Vaginosis and how can it be cured?

What is Bacterial Vaginosis and how can it be cured?

First of all, you are not alone.

Nothing is wrong with you, and you are certainly are not dirty. However a gray, fishy, foul-smelling discharge that sometimes likes to linger is definitely not helping in the self confidence arena.

How did it get here?

Welp, therein lies the issue.  Bacterial Vaginosis is more that not, a result of  a hormonal imbalance that normally leads back to gut health.  Gut health, in short, is the balance of good and bad bacteria in our intestines.  Our gut is comprised of good bacteria, that keeps our hormones and systems on track; however bad bacteria exists too, mainly from our dietary choices.  That's all fine if the good bacteria outweighs the bad...but when the bad outweighs the good, then we have a situation where we can experience hormonal imbalances, and that manifests in everyone differently. 

So, Bacterial Vaginosis is one of those manifestations, but you don't have to suffer through it with the right changes.

First off, let me say MyntLynx is a brand about internal health, so that is the direction that we will always lead from. There are plenty of other avenues that can be taken for relief, i.e. a prescription from your doctor for an antibiotic, boric acid capsules, suppositories and rinses, douches, yoni oils, steams and countless other remedies on the market.  Many of them give relief to those who have occasional issues, and are the way they keep away the BV.  I am not mad, nor am I here to bash those methods.  Some of the will give brief relief, but eventually exasperate the problem, creating a recurring issue.   At the end of the day, just let the smell be gone, right! I am only here to speak on what I know to work firsthand and with hundreds of other women, naturally and organically.



1.  DIET CHANGE- I know.  But this is always the first line of defense.  As we age, our body will alert us to what it will and will no longer tolerate.  Red meat, sugar, soy, corn, livestock, dairy products etc., have all been things proven to promote production of bad bacteria in our gut/intestinal tract.  Moderation of and eliminating these foods dramatically impact the body by minimizing the bad bacteria produced and allowing the good bacteria to work.

2. REPOPULATING THE GOOD BACTERIA- Diet Changes sound good, but I am well aware that it does not usually happen overnight.  Being Successful at something takes manageable goals, so in the meantime, we have to assist the body in repopulating the good bacteria.  Probiotics, Pre-biotics, yogurt, garlic pills and chickory root have all been touted as supplements and herbs that repopulate good bacteria thus eliminating BV.

MYNTLYNX colostrum contains anti-viral, anti-bacterial agents that fight bad bacteria, as well as probiotic strains that effectively build good bacteria.  MYNTLYNX is so powerful that symptoms begin being relieved in 24 hours.  As prebiotics are used to feed probiotics, high doses of garlic (at least 1,000iu), is a great compliment to MYNTLYNX to fight BV in less than 24hours.

Implementing these practices have always guaranteed success in the MYNTLYNX community.  Whatever you decide your path to health is, just remember you are not alone, and keep trying until you find success!  You will find your cure!





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