What is a yeast infection and what are the causes, symptoms and natural remedies?

What is a yeast infection and what are the causes, symptoms and natural remedies?

So you wake up to use the restroom, and you notice a white, clumpy, thick, odorless discharge. AAARRRGGGHHHH! A yeast infection!

Although irritating, uncomfortable and icky, this is a common infection that at least 75% of women will encounter in their lifetime.  And after we discuss its origins and other symptoms, we will get on to the part about how to get rid of this pesky occasional, and for some recurring nuisance.

A woman's vagina is a delicate PH balance, and certain events can sometimes throw that balance off. The hormone Estrogen, is responsible for producing good bacteria called lactoballi, and lactoballi is responsible for killing harmful and bad bacteria.  A change in hormones (menstrual cycle, etc.), Diabetes, birth control, antibiotics, douches, some vaginal products, and most importantly, and unhealthy diet high in sugars, all can disrupt the hormonal ecosystem leading to an overgrowth of bad bacteria.  That overgrowth manifests itself in the form of a yeast infection.  And because yeast manifests in different ways, one also can experience bad acne and dandruff/psoriasis.

Besides the discharge, symptoms can also include vaginal itching, vulva swelling, and even possibly pain during intercourse or sex.


So there is a long game and a short game to be perfectly honest with you.  The short game is go to your doctor and get a prescription. Some over the counter products work for some as well.  Some are just as thick and creamy as the discharge ( I know). This is great if you are not really looking for a natural way, and if you rarely if ever get them.

However some women get them more often then they would like.  For whatever reason that was stated above, their body is having difficulty repopulating that good bacteria at a steady and even pace. In comes MyntLynx colostrum, and a change in diet.

MyntLynx is the long and short game.

Remember we said, the body sometimes needs help repopulating the good bacteria. For instance, if you are on birth control and you have recurring yeast infections, then your body won't be able to regulate the vaginal/gut bacteria because you are taking the very thing that throws it off.  So if you are going to continue birth control, your body will need help.

Myntlynx Colostrum has anti-fungal, anti-viral and anti-bacterial agents that fight off bad bacteria, as well as bacteria strains necessary to repopulate the good bacteria simultaneously. Our Bovine Colostrum is the pre-milk of organic grass-fed cows, that is dried in powder form, and as it with humans, that pre-milk is filled with nutrients specific for building the immune systems and populating good bacteria.

Taking our Colostrum sublingually (underneath the tongue), leads to rapid absorption with most women seeing tier yeast infections symptoms drastically improving in 24 hours.  Continued use will assist the body in repopulating the vaginal flora/gut, especially if lifestyle changes are made that are contributing factors to hormonal imbalance.

And the other part of the long game...DIET. 

There are certain food that feed and help populate bad bacteria causing an overgrowth.  Red meat, SUGAR, alcohol, SUGAR, excessive carbs because they equal SUGAR, dairy and soy.  All of these foods take us steps back in the battle we are trying to win.

None of us are perfect, but once you begin to pay attention to your body and see how it responds to what, you can gradually make the changes your lifestyle permits to get control of the infections.

Good luck on your journey!  We here at MYNTLYNX are right here for you.

-Love, Charly 

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