Mynt Lynx's guide to Immune Suport during COVID19 and beyond

Mynt Lynx's guide to Immune Suport during COVID19 and beyond

 Hello my loves! As I am sitting here on a relaxing Sunday watching my kids play and drinking my smoothie, I wanted to share with you some of my tips for keeping a strong and healthy immune system.  Thank God, my family and I remain relatively healthy and strong, and thank God again, the only time I have been hospitalized is during childbirth.  My mother raised my siblings and I on a semi alternative and healthy lifestyle, I in turn, have amplified that and have taken it to the next level with my family and my approach. 

As the pandemic roars on, since the beginning, I have been focused on ensuring my family and I are healthy from the inside out.  That is truly what I live, and that is the MyntLynx brand.So, although I do some things regularly, I have definitely upped the ante in regards to what I am incorporating in our health routine, so I am going to give you a few of my go-to favorites which are in rotation and why, I have chosen them to be the main players in ensuring the total health of my family.



You already knew that was first.  A balanced gut flora/intestinal system is the key to overall and immune health. When the bad bacteria begin to overrun the good bacteria due to our lifestyle choices, the imbalance makes us susceptible to illness and disease.  MyntLynx Colostrum repopulates the good bacteria to keep us in balance.


This can be taken in multiple forms, however I like the gel to add into my smoothies. Sea moss has over 90 of the 102 vitamins necessary for the function of our bodies.  It is great for bones, thyroids, improves energy levels, and of course, boosts the immune system.


Much needed.  The immune system needs the support of vitamin D in order to effectively fight diseases and illnesses of the body. We take it in the form of drops directly in the mouth. 


A natural antibiotic for the body. I take it daily to keep my body defenses up, and to attack anything that may be trying to jump on me.


I drink smoothies for health, not for taste.  So as I list these ingredients, please understand, I am only trying to fuel my body, and I make the smallest amount possible to pack a strong and powerful punch:

Dandelion Greens- blood detox

Fennel- Blood Pressure


Flax seed

Sea moss gel




Coconut Water



Full of anti-oxidants ans vitamins that boost the immune system.  It can help lessen stress as well as fight cancerous cells.


Helps build immune system as well.  Aids in cardiovascular health ans skin, teeth and bone health.

In addition with doing my best to make healthy choices, increased water intake and exercise, theses are pretty much the tried and true regiments that I have in heavy rotation.  Hopefully you get some great information!

Stay beautiful my friends!

-Love Charly 




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