Fibroids...How I got rid of mine

Fibroids...How I got rid of mine

So in my early thirties...even late twenties, I began to notice some significant changes that were going on in my body....

First I got severe acne...cystic.  My cycles were 9 days, and my PMS symptoms were starting 2 weeks out from my cycle, only really leaving me a week and a half without and symptoms of menstruation.  Finally, I began to feel a hard ball in my abdomen... and it was uncomfortable.  That's when I went to the doctor.

He told me I had 5 medium sized fibriods, and to get back with him if I wanted surgery as that was my only option.

But he didn't know me...I always have a choice.

I immediately began researching when I got home, as I wanted to completely understand what was going on with my body.  After pouring through research, I ascertained that these fibroids were an accumulation of toxins in my body, due to my poor lifestyle and dietary choices.  And as a result of my hormones being completely off balance, I had has the symptoms of anemia, fibroids, estrogen dominance, long/painful/heavy cycles, hormonal acne and PMS.  I learned that with dietary and lifestyle changes, I could shrink and/or completely rid myself of them.

So I went hard.

I tried sooooooo many things, but I have a tried and true list of measures that I took with consistency, that allow me to be fibroid free today.  Yes.  I no longer have ANY fibroids. This is what I did:


So I found out my diet was the biggest culprit in feeding my hormones.  Red Meat, Poultry, Dairy, Soy, and sugar were instrumental in developing bad bacteria in my gut, which threw my gut flora off, which in turn threw my hormones off.  To top it off, I was on birth control, which is a hormone manipulator by design. In addition, I loved soy milk, which is horrible for women as it mimics estrogen, and cause estrogen dominance.  So I became a pescatarian, and got rid of the soy and dairy.


The fibriod elixir by MYNTLYNX, was a product of my research.  Blackstrap Molasses and Apple Cider Vinegar are the major players in the elixir.  It contains iron, potassium and magnesium that helps the hormonal system function and remain balanced.  Fibroids feed off our blood supply, so when we give the body the nutrients and minerals it needs, all of them go to proper place (cells, organs) thereby starving and bypassing the fibroids.


These consist of pure castor oil, flannel rags, a towel and a heating pack.  Castor oil draws toxins out and in ant-inflammatory.  After rubbing castor oil on my abdomen and liver (must be detoxed too as all toxins flow to it when they are drawn out), I would also soak a flannel rag in it, and lay it on my abdomen.  Then wrap my abdomen with plastic wrap, topped with the heating pad.  I would do that an hour, 3 times a week.  It helped shrink them tremendously.


100% Bovine Colostrum has properties that help balance the hormones.  I saw significant changes in my hormonal acne once I began taking this, as well as a significant increase in my iron levels.


If I can make small changes anywhere for the better, I do, as I know they will add up to big changes.  I found that green tea, red raspberry leaf tea, and even golden-seal tea all had properties that would help me reach my goals of balancing my hormones.  So I ditched the coffee and focused of drinking teas with different herbal blends to help me achieve my goal.

All these things consistently, plus incorporating exercise, help rid me of fibroids.  When I got pregnant in my late 30's, I was apprehensive of what the doctor may say, as I could tell that I was better, but I had not been back to the GYN since I was diagnosed.

"What fibriods" he said.

It is possible:)  Stay beautiful my friends.

-Love Charly







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