Colostrum- The hormone balancer

Colostrum- The hormone balancer

A little more about colostrum...

I like to give so much information about our products, as we know this natural healing game is so new for so many women, as the majority of our Gynecologist refer us to Western medicine, i.e., pills and prescriptions. That being said, even within the natural health world, there is still an element of trial and error, and still research and understanding that must be explored for us to find our true remedy.  As we all know, gut health is the key to overall health, and many going the natural way are referred to taking probiotics.  Although so many women take them, many still complain that they do not  see not results and changes in their symptoms.  There are some reasons for that.

Prebiotics and Probitics

A probiotic is usually taken orally, sometimes vaginally as well.  It is comprised of strains of good bacteria, used to repopulate our gut and vaginal flora.  When we suffer from hormonal imbalances, there is a overpopulation of bad bacteria in the gut, which has manifested in symptoms like Bacterial Vaginosis, Anemia, fibroids, estrogen dominance, PMS etc.  Probiotics look to restore and multiply enough good bacteria to re-balance our gut, thereby balancing our vaginal flora.  So what is the problem?

1. ALL PROBIOTICS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL- all strains lead to different body mechanisms it supports.  When buying a probiotic, you must make sure it has the strains appropriate for vaginal health.  Many of the probitics will list what its specialty is, so be aware, you could be taking a strain that is not going repopulate your gut with the bacteria needed for hormonal imbalances.

2. PROBIOTICS ARE FRAGILE- Our digestive acids are very powerful and if probiotics do not have the right coating, they will never make it through those acids.  So you may in fact have a good probiotic with all the proper strains, but it never makes it to your intestinal lining where the action needs to happen.  In addition, if not stored properly, many of them do not make it past the shelf.  Usually, you have a better chance if they are refrigerated, and even then, it can be a crap shoot.

Prebiotics feed probitoics.  Garlic, Kefir, Sauerkraut, Colostrum, all feed them so that they can sustain themselves.  Since probiotics do not naturally occur in our body, many times the effects of them are gone the moment we stop taking them.  So they work...under certain conditions.

Prebiotics feed the good bacteria we already have in our gut, clearing the way for sustainability contingent on our diet and life style.  

So in comes MYNTLYNX. Our colostrum is pure, 100% organic, a prebiotic full of immunoglobulins, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents, an immune-booster and disease fighter.

So there you have it.  Let's get this body right ladies! WHO'S NEXT!!!





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