Gut health, a natural remedy for a myriad of issues

Gut health, a natural remedy for a myriad of issues

So, If you familiar with the MyntLynx brand at all, we are all about natural, sustainable ways to ensure optimal health for women.  Over the years, the revelation I have come to is that pretty much all of the illnesses and ailments we deal with, ultimately, in some way, originate at the gut.  It's an amazing revelation, and it has helped me make some important decisions in my health and the choices I make for my family.

For instance, my baby girl, who praise God has no health issues, began to break out on her torso area.  They were hive like bumps that were itchy and giving her pure grief.  

Now when we get ill, I instantly do a self-evaluation of 1.  What have we been eating? and 2. Where have I been slacking?  In this particular instance, my family  had been very bust the prior couple of weeks and as a result, I slacked on ensuring she had balanced meals and green vegetables, and I was slacking on her supplements. Not just her but the entire family.

So of course the first thing I pumped her little body up with was MyntLynx Colostrum.  Due to my poor dietary choices for her within the last two weeks, her outbreak was signaling to me that her gut was out of balance. I made sure that she was on that morning and night, and I also corrected her diet and added back in the fiber and greens immediately.  The second thing I focused on was her Vitamin D.  Vitamin D is crucial to making sure our immune system is supported, and so many women, especially African American women, are gravely deficient. So I went hard on all three.

A day later...she stopped complaining of itching, and 2 days after that, the hives were gone.

GUT HEALTH and the immune system is the key! 

So with feminine hormonal imbalances that cause bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, anemia, these all should be tackled from the origination point...imbalances in the gut, i.e. the bad bacteria overtaking the good bacteria in the gut, as well as the vagina flora.

A healthy diet, as well as the proper supplements focused on the cause of the issue, not the effect, is how I show due diligence in ensuring my family and I have the best chance at staying healthy. I hope I can assist you and yours on your journal as I travel through mine.

Stay beautiful my friends!


Stay beau

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