Anemia and Lactoferrin: What anyone who has been deemed iron deficient should know

Anemia and Lactoferrin: What anyone who has been deemed iron deficient should know

I have found, the vast majority of women I know, have been labeled an anemic, have anemia or suffer from iron deficiency.

In my late twenties, the diagnosis had found me as well, right when all of the chaos of hormones began to rear its ugly head.

Yes, the Dr. said it, I saw the numbers on the chart with my own eyes, but to me, it wasn't real, and I didn't truthfully understand what those numbers had to do with my long cycles, acne, heavy cycles, fibroids and everything else that seemed going awry at that time.

I was iron deficient, and he promptly placed me on iron pills.  

2 months later nothing was different with the exception of green, hard bowels from all the iron I was taking in with these pills.  With all medicines and regiments I commit to, I COMMIT, so that if it does or does not work, I know that I did my due diligence and therefore can really see if it was a benefit or not.

60 days straight with the iron pills, it was a NOT. 

Fast forward to 3 years later, when God finally led me to my answer with research, and trial and error, I learned a thing or two about iron, and I want to briefly share that in a very simple succinct way:

1. Many of us are not deficient in iron nor anemic.  Our bodies, due to our hormones and gut being imbalanced, do not properly transport, store, or use iron (and a host of other minerals and nutrients) in the proper way, causing us to remain deficient.  So no matter how much red meat, spinach and IRON PILLS I took, I would remain deficient because none of the iron I had in my body was going the proper out it

2. I learned that the Iron needs a vehicle that it can jump in the car with and be transported to the proper cell.  Otherwise it just sits on the side of the road waiting for a ride.

3.  The vehicle (ride) is a protein called lactoferrin.  It transports the iron to the proper cell.  Once Iron is taken where it needs to go...the anemia, and the ice cravings...go away.

4. And guess where is the nature's most highest-occurring lactoferrin found...yep....

MYNTLYNX Colostrum.

Women have raved over the diverse benefits they have found by taking our colostrum; Anemia has been one of the loudest voices, with women reporting increased energy levels and overall well- being.

Put that SONIC ICE down, and grab your MYNTLYNX Colostrum!



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