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A little bit about what's going on here...

So welcome!  I am so thankful that you are taking your valuable time to learn and understand more about the Mynt Lynx brand and products.  I know there are so many questions out there and I want to make sure that information and dialogue is always flowing, as it is my hearts desire that every woman be healed, informed and supported.  That's what me blogging is all about, and that is what Mynt Lynx is all about.

As i continue to add information and posts to the website, we will get to know each other better, but with this post, I want to focus a little on the female hormonal system.

We don't realize it, but when our hormonal system is out of balance, it's like a domino effect that affects our entire system.  Everyone who has an imbalance will not manifest the same symptoms, so while my sister over here may have fibriods as a manifestation, another sister may have recurring yeast infections and heavy cycles. So then, what exactly does feminine hormonal imbalance look like? fibroids, cysts, bacterial vaginosis, heavy cycles, yeast infections, long cycles, missing cycles, PCOS, anemia, and more. With age and over time, without any lifestyle changes, these issues begin to wreak havoc on life as we know it, until we get to the point where we are tired of the creams, antibiotics, surgeries, and almost no options, and we began to search for our own truth...which lead you here.  I know what I am talking about, because I have been there.

Just know, you are on the right track and there IS a solution to your issues.  I have found my solution in lifestyle changes and supplements, and while yes, that will look different for every person, that is fundamentally the key to getting our hormonal system balanced.  That also does not mean that once you find your specific cure and what it takes for you, there won't be some adjustments that must be made along the way to keep your balance.  I have to adjust all the time...especially with age, however once you understand your hormonal system, you will know exactly what to do.

This is just the beginning! Thank you for taking time, and I hope to see you again. Stay beautiful my friends!



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